Notice to The Ninny Hammers and Interested Classical Musicians.

Hey Free Folk,

This is just a heads up as to what to expect from me for the next few months.

At this moment I am arranging new songs, after making a good many of these I will begin resorting the songbooks and re-numbering the individual songs.

As soon as I have the books ready you can choose which you wish to download. I will post notices everywhere I am able.

The only change is that the music will be split by genre and the Classical arrangements will be split into Ensemble and Orchestra.


Here is which Buggins will be heading each group.

Ninikate Buggins – The Ninny Hammers – Pop, Jazz and Traditional – Meet 1st and 3rd Week of each month.

Outfits: Forest Green

Liliditty Buggins – The Bree Lore Hall Ensemble – 2-7 Part Classical Ensembles – Meet 2nd and 4th Week of each month.

Outfits: TBD

Lilikate Buggins – The Eriador Philharmonic Orchestra – Meet at special arrangement, probably in the ensemble timeslot. This group is open to other arrangers in LOTRO who wish to share with us classical large arrangements based on a quarterly theme.

Outfits for Concert: Men in Black formals and Lady’s in coloured gowns to match the season.


Any questions please jot them down below.

Less Ninny more Philly

I took some time this year to consider what it was I would really like to do within the music community and pondering what was important and what was less important.

I feel that I have achieved in the pop and rock genre all that I can as an arranger of abc files. I may still add a song or two to the collection as the urge grabs me but I feel it’s time for a change in direction.

Yes The Ninny’s will still play, no I do not want to make my fellow Ninny’s feel as if they must attend out of loyalty and just because the lot of them are good eggs.

So if we gather on Saturdays at 2pm EST and play that’s great, if not that’s great too. We can open mic or just not play for a week.

As I come around to aquainting myself with the Main Buggins again I feel strongly that as a community the Music people can do fantastic things. With this thought in mind I am starting a new project, open to all in game to join in as musicians and to those who are up to a challenge to bring along a little (or large) something to play.

With the sprit of community in the fore front of my mind I wish to commence with my Eriador Philharmonic Orchestral Project.

The defination of Philharmonic is: 1. Devoted to or appreciative of music.

And yes this is a classical music focused group.

My aim is to find a location to call home, in a starter area. Then to invite others and arrange classical musical pieces to play in practice as well as in Quarterly Concerts.

There is no criteria to have your arrangements played, but we do look to make the best possible interpretations of the genre as possible. Looking at 8-14+parts

I am looking to schedule our first concert on April the 8th at 2pm, Location TBA.

Our theme for Spring 2017 is Water/Sea/Lakes/

Our Theme for Summer 2017 is Landscape.

So far I have five arrangers plus myself with something to contribute. We would welcome others, as well as musicians who wish to help play. You don’t have to be a kin member or a server member to join in. It is to be noted that we will be based on Landroval but there is nothing to hinder us playing our music on any other server.

Contact me if you have any questions or wish to offer something.







Today is Weatherstock!

Dear LOTRO People,

I wish to publish the schedule of events that will take place on Landroval today. Known to all on our server as probably the biggest event of the year. Visitors from other servers are more than welcome and if you have any issues, shout out in a public channel and help is freely given. I wish all those competing the very best of luck, I hope to be able to maintain my connection to listen to you all.

I am busy taking part in the Summer Festival and will get back to regular blogging after a few weeks respite. Lets all go to Weatherstock and enjoy the show!